Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions from our clients to our providers.

  • Chronic Care Management

    What is Chronic Care Management?

    Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a service and benefit for Medicare Part B recipients. This service reimburses approved providers to manage patients with 2 or more chronic conditions.

    How do I enroll?

    Patients interested in receiving this benefit can enroll through your provider of care. You need only to verbally agree to services to initiate. Your Elite provider will take the next steps for you.

    How does it work?

    Once you agree to services, your Elite provider will gather information about you and your providers of care. Your CCM provider will spend time in the background, working for you, managing your healthcare needs.

    Will you communicate with my other doctors?

    Your Elite provider will communicate with other providers involved in your care on a regular basis.

    Does Medicare cover Chronic Care Management?

    Chronic Care Management is an approved Medicare program. This is a benefit covered under Part B Medicare.

    Who is eligible?

    All Medicare Part B recipients are eligible who have 2 or more chronic conditions.

    How often will you contact me?

    We will contact you as needed. The program requirement is 20 minutes of non-face-to-face time managing your healthcare.

    Can I contact my CCM provider?

    You may contact your Elite provider at any time. If you are experiencing an issue or have a question about your healthcare, we will respond to your need.

    Do I have to enroll annually?

    No. Once enrolled, you remain enrolled unless you deselect the program.

  • Transitions to Home

    Who makes up our Transitions to Home Team?

    Austin Market

    • Kayla Frye – TTH Case Manager – 737-226-6750
    • Brittany Smith – TTH Nurse Practitioner
    • Laura McGinnis – TTH Nurse Practitioner

    What insurances are accepted?

    • We accept patients with traditional Medicare
    • Additional insurances currently participating in Transitional Care Medicine benefits include: Humana, Well Med (in-network), Aetna, BCBS, and Medicare Railroad
    • Coverage by other insurances not listed above will need to be verified before a patient is enrolled in TTH

    Who qualifies?

    • Patients that have discharged from a qualifying acute care hospital, LTACH or SNF
    • EPC can accept referrals for patients at any time after their admission and for patients that have been discharged no greater than 2 business days from their qualifying facilities
    • Please note, we encourage referrals be sent prior to discharge.

    How do I make a referral?

    You can send a fact sheet, current MAR, discharge summary, and necessary clinical information as follows:
    Fax 737-226- 6767 OR Email to transitions@elitepatientcare.com

    *Please note that EPC cannot guarantee receipt of any referral sent to us outside of these two methods.

    Who do I contact for non-clinical needs?

    Please call our Transitions Line 737-226-6750, and our Care Manager will be happy to assist you.

    Who do I contact for clinical needs?

    You can reach our provider team by calling MEDLINK @ 512-660-5678, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When calling, please make sure to notify MEDLINK you are part of the Transitions to Home Program

    How long do you follow a patient?

    Once enrolled and we have physically seen the patient, we will follow the patient for up to 90 days.

    Will EPC act as the PCP (Primary Care Physician)?

    • We will provide medical supervision and coverage for the full 90 days, OR
    • Until the patient has re-established care with their PCP (whichever comes first)
    • Our main goal is to provide a bridge for clinical care access in the timeline between discharge from a qualifying facility and their first visit with a PCP

    What if a patient does not have a PCP?

    • We will follow the patient until the time comes that they are engaged with a primary care physician
    • Our team will work diligently in locating a PCP that will accept the patient

    What areas does EPC’s TTH Program Service cover?

    • We currently provide services in Austin, San Antonio, and Temple markets, as well as defined areas in the surrounding communities.
    • Please feel free to contact our Care Manager via phone, fax, or email for a specific service area

    What forms will be signed by EPC?

    • We will approve the original discharge orders with patients that agree to be seen in our TTH program
    • Once a patient has been physically seen by one of our providers, we can sign 485 certifications, DME, and refill medication orders as deemed appropriate for their care by our providers

    * We cannot sign any 485/face to face certifications for home health if we have not physically seen the patient. In an effort to provide the best care, we reserve the right to approve changes in care plans after we have conducted a proper clinical assessment.

    Also, note that we can only provide clinical guidance, medical orders, and/or certifications IF the patient has enrolled in our TTH program. If a patient has declined or not enrolled, one of our team members will contact you.

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

    How often are our providers present in the community?

    Our dedicated Nurse Practitioners are consistently present in their respective communities Monday through Friday. Physician visits typically occur on a weekly basis and more often as necessary.

    How often will patients be seen?

    Patients will be seen according to clinical needs, and the frequency will be determined on an individual basis.

    How do we contact our medical providers?

    EPC providers can be contacted through Medlink answering services. Contacting our answering service ensures the most rapid response time as they have the most up to date information on coverage duties.

    How do we make arrangements to meet with our providers?

    Scheduling meetings should be arranged with the facility nursing staff in coordination with EPC providers. Although we strive to accommodate family and patient needs ASAP, please allow for a reasonable time frame in which to accommodate all requests.

    Does EPC provide emergent medical care?

    EPC does not provide emergent care in nursing facilities. The available resources at these sites do not allow for critical care. In case of an emergency, patients will be transported o the Hospital if indicated. We are always available for assistance via phone 24/7.

  • How Is My Medical Information Protected?

    EPC Notice of Privacy Practices

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